Our Mission

Who can solve the problems while nobody seems to care? The Smiling Land Tours was born as a little candle light in the wind. Only our own heart we have. We have no fund but we believe in raising fund with fun through tourism for conservation.

Our first project plans to rehab the Mount Tampusu where we live on its slope. We want to make this dormant volcano a Smiling Land again. We plan revitalize the Lake Tampusu on the top of this mountain, to make it much more water as it once was at considerable safe level, releasing fishes into it to promote a rapid decomposition of the lakebed, planting bearing fruit trees to attract birds to come to diverse wildlife naturally and birds can play on the lake, and reintroducing wildlife technically to this mountain friendly to the farms field. Finally, it will become tourism destination to promote economic activities of villagers around the mountain.

The original size of the lake was 6.4 hectares, now is only 4.4 hectares based on my actual field survey. The government drains this mountain top Crater Lake Tampusu for cows farm for at least 30 years. Consequently, some water springs decrease and finally subside – farmers are lack of water. People love doing illegal logging and hunting.

The more you spend you holiday with us the more fund we get to rehab our lovely Lake Tampusu. But your coming gives much more powerful impact to the people to make them understand the great value to protect their environment and especially to open up our government mind to STOP DRAINING THIS BEAUTIFUL LAKE FOR COWS FARM!!!

HELP ME…! I am the only one who FIGHTS for this where no body cares. So please come, and visit this beautiful lake. Your coming is so meaningful!

The second project plans to revive the authentic Minahasan Warrior Dance performing wild and exciting rituals as they once were practiced in ancient times. These rituals are embedded deep in the Minahasan culture. It’s once their way to survive, but it’s now our way to appreciate. We plan to revive it to become a colossal ritual dance from the Minahasan ancestral genesis ended with cheerful dance of the warriors. It would be scary, surreal, exciting and haunting all at the same time!!!


Sustainable point of view

Once the community see nature’s beauty and attractive culture that they revive and conserve can attract travelers to come, creating income and entertaining all at once, then they know how conservation benefits people.  Through an intensive contact with the travelers combine with some training and learning, the trainees learn English and participate in conservation activities naturally, enabling them to become conservationist tour guides for any traveler who join with Smiling Land Tours; from their guiding services they earn fees, community homestay, culinary and creative business will develop as well. All of these will create a powerful community awareness to conserve nature, to revive culture, and to get a better education. All the while, travelers experience a meaningful holiday and inspire a global heart and soul. Let us make a change for better.