The legend of To’ar and Lumimu’ut

Toar Lumimuut - the origin of Minahasa ancestorsMinahasan people of north Sulawesi believe To’ar and Lumimu’ut are their ancestors. After reading some versions, finally  the story goes like this:

In the beginning, the ground, however, was soft and slippery. Then a great rock began to sweat from the heat and produced a beautiful woman known as Karema (ketare ne ama = the beginner of ancestors) and became a wali’an (Minahasan tribal priest). She took a handful earth, which she threw on the sea to the great god, saying, “Let a great land arise where I can live.” And immediately there sprang up out of the sea a great land. Karema, in turn, threw her arms to the sky and prayed, asking for someone to share her life with. Presto, the rock which produced Karena split apart and produced Lumimu’ut. “Because you are born of the sweating rock then I named you Lumimu’ut”, said Karema. “Who are you ?”,  asked Lumimu’ut. “I am Karema, the wali’an” answered she.

After some days Karema said to Lumimu’ut, “Turn your face to the south!“ While she did this the priestess prayed, “O Cause of the east wind, fertilize this woman.” Lumimu’ut, however, perceived nothing. Then, on the command of the priestess, she turned to the east, to the north, and finally to the west, and each time the priestess prayed that the deity of the wind would fertilize her. Her prayer was answered, through the god of the strong westerly wind and the prayers of Karema, Lumimu’ut begat To’ar, a son who grew up to be strong and fearless.

Once To’ar was grown, Karema declared that it was time for To’ar and Lumimu’ut to travel the world in search of their respective mates. Karema took two sticks were from different trees, cutting them of the same length gave one to Lumimu’ut and one to To’ar saying, “See here are two sticks of the same length. Go you, Lumimu’ut, to the right and you, To’ar, to the left, and whenever you meet anyone measure sticks. Then if they are of the same length you are mother and son, but if one is longer than the other come to me immediately at the center of the earth.”

Both went on their way, but after a time Lumimu’ut and To’ar met one night by the full moon, and on measuring sticks they found that Lumimu’ut’s stick was longer than To’ar’s. Thereupon they returned to Karema, and when she had measured the sticks she said, “You are not mother and son, therefore you must become man and wife. Be fruitful and populate the earth.” So their wedding was blessed under the stars and the full moon as witnesses. The peak of the mountain where the ceremony was held glowing likes a golden sphere, and the mountain was therefore named Lolombulan. So Lumimu’ut and To’ar became man and wife. They begat many children. Today, their descendants populate Minahasa – the smiling land. Next…