All profits of Lake Tampusu tour go to conservation activities

Tour fee upon request as each tour will be customized to meet your interests
Mount and Lake Tampusu

Lake Tampusu

Lake Tampusu Conservation needs helping hands!

Joining with Smiling Land Tours means contributing to the conservation of the Lake Tampusu, and the tour to the Lake Tampusu is touring to the heart of Minahasa.

Being the highest altitude in the middle of the Tondano Caldera, Mount Tampusu is just like the heart of Minahasa. There the Lake Tampusu is peacefully embraced by the crater makes it an ideal place for anyone who loves nature.

Experience the magical feeling from the high crater rim overlooking a circular Lake Tampusu, forming a grandeur amphitheatrical landscape, with the Soputan volcano in the background, then lounge on the shore of Lake Tampusu, enjoying a barbecue lunch! We can go camping on the shore of the Lake Tampusu under canopy trees and angling if you like.

The trail leads to the Lake Tampusu cool caldera on the top of the Mount Tampusu, is a refreshing mountaineering through luxuriant rain forest just 30 minutes from the base.

We plan to restore the initial natural condition of the Lake Tampusu more smiling land – its depth and covering area, abundant of fishes, birds and other wildlife friendly to farm field.

The more you spend your holiday to the Lake Tampusu with us the more fund we get to rehab our lovely Lake Tampusu. Your coming to the Lake Tampusu gives much more powerful impact to the people to make them understand the great value to protect the Lake Tampusu and their environment and especially to open up our government mind to STOP DRAINING THIS BEAUTIFUL LAKE TAMPUSU FOR COWS FARM!!!

SAVE LAKE TAMPUSU…! I am the only one who FIGHTS for the Lake Tampusu where no body cares.

So please come, and visit this beautiful Lake Tampusu. Your coming to Lake Tampusu is meaningful!