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Mahawu Volcano package tour

Experience a dramatic vision of the entire magical massive caldera of ancient super volcano

Soon our hormones of happiness will bubble over when reaching the magnificent hot spot on Mt. Mahawu volcano crater edge, where we can get a dramatic view of the dynamic landscape of ancient massive super-volcano caldera – the heart of the Smiling Land; and of course the amazing aura of the wide-open active volcano crater right before our eyes.  But how to get an extra wow climbing this volcano?

Vanilla Sky Tour

The volcano is capped by 180 m wide and 140 m deep active crater; last confirmed gentle eruption 1977 Nov 16

Don’t miss the sun rises with the magical welcome to the day!

Make sure we have got on the top before dawn! On the way up to and from the base, we’ll be gently rolling through a breathtaking panorama of agricultural landscapes of hills and valleys, where farmers still love planting the beautiful bedding system in a traditional way. Then a comfortable hiking will lead us to the top crater of Mahawu volcano to see the sun rises with a magical welcome to the day. Following this is a “natural adoration ritual” hiking around the crater, taking in the amazing views.   OK, have some coffee now! Cheers!

Vanilla Sky Tour

Vanilla Sky Tour

Get a feel of the majestic view of the grand guitar Lake Tondano

On another magical spot on the Makawembeng hilltop, our soul will feel a majestic view of grand guitar lake with a circuitshaped road going around it.

Vanilla Sky Tour: Lake Tondano

In the middle of this sentimental Lake Tondano, on uninhabited Likri Island, we’ll enjoy our outdoor succulent BBQ lunch. Don’t miss it…!

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