All the profits of Minahasa Mystery Tour go to conservation activities

This is the best way to taste real Minahasa’s culture and life style in one day tour. Tour fee upon request as each tour will be customized to meet your interests.

Minahasan Mask Owl - Minahasa Tour

The mystery tour feels real as we experience the tour ourselves…!

Ever met real men who are sometimes invisible but can sometimes multiply their self-manifestation spiritually to make them visible in different places at the same time?

Ever seen the frenzied warriors dance dancing the wild and exciting rituals just like in the ancient times and much more?!

Then this is the tour, the only Mystery Tour in North Sulawesi, dedicated to anyone who loves anthropology and the occult as well where you can experience a real taste of Minahasan people from their genesis to death, born of the stone and returned into the stone…!

How to become invisible man and to do self-multiplication?

I can only tell you this: To become invisible or to multiply their self-manifestation is not for any kind of entertainment purposes, but only to be used for self-defense or in any particular situation they need it. They know how and when to use it.

Actually, they can do more wonder things than we know! How do they do it? We had better meet them personally to satisfy our curiosities!

How about joining the mystical ritual by the full moon?

Minahasa Mystery Tour: Ritual by the Full Moon

Oops! Strange thing goes on…

To maintain and to improve their supernatural powers they regularly do some rituals. We can see how a ritual is conducted by full moon. But no documentation please or our cameras might otherwise break.

Want to become a real mystical man? 

Then take part in an initiation for membership ritual, if you dare!

Welcome to a supernatural family

The entire family members whom I personally know, from grandpa to grandchildren, each possess their own mystical powers. The mystical little children will surprise us with supernatural powers!

Want to know more about the mystery? They welcome us to come by for a detailed consultation or a therapeutic energy transfer or to see some mystical attractions.

Have the unique and the useful souvenir for our life!

Minahasa Mystery TourThey are professionally skilled artisans for gemstone art works that can be infused with spiritual qualities, to be used as a lucky charm or self-protection talisman or for therapeutic purposes; rings, necklaces and house decorations.

The mystery behind the ancient Minahasan Warriors ritual dance we need to know!

The authentic Minahasan warrior dance, performing wild and exciting rituals to propitiate their deities or demons, as they once were practiced in antiquity will be astonishing! These rituals are embedded deep in the Minahasan culture. It was once their way to survive, but it’s now our way to appreciate.

But what kind of wild and exciting the rituals really are, this untold great mystery will be a fresh stunning for all!!!

The most powerful meaning of the performance is the most hidden and the most forgotten and the most untold cultural information of the dance. If we don’t know the Mystery behind it we cannot feel the spirit of the dance.

As the heart of Minahasan arts and culture is focused in Kabasaran Warrior Dance, so we had better to experience it first hand, feeling the whole spirit of it, then you will know what kind of human the Minahasan people in the antiquity really were! Make sure, you are with knowledgeable person to satisfy your curiosity! The Minahasan Mystery Tour is the choice.

At the present time, we can only watch its welcome dance version as it is. Let them put a warrior costume on you to join them dancing, if you please! It is available upon request with an extra cost!

But how the dance integrated with the rumages ritual, our cultural revival project still formulates their choreographies. Since the rituals have been covered up for long a long time, then the information is not only quite limited but also almost forgotten. To disclose this mystery, Smiling Land Tour creates the Minahasan Mystery Tour raisingfund dedicated to cultural conservation interests.

We plan to revive the dance to become a colossal theatrical ritual dance from the Minahasan ancestral genesis to death, born of the rock and returned into the rock.  It would be scary and surreal, exciting and haunting all at the same time!!!



This will be an exclusive performance for us all. Soon after the project has fully formulated their choreographs, we will enjoy it together.

Experience the mysterious ancient sacred stone!

All of us can experience the mysterious ancient sacred stone, the most important place for mystical rituals in Minahasa, sampling “rano kasuruan” (water of life). From ancient times till present, people use it for healing and purification purposes in rituals. We can even have a sacred bath in the sacred pool of water of life. Weird things go on in this place. So be caution!

Minahasa Mystery Tour: Mystical Site in Minahasa

Minahasa Mystery Tour: Mystical Ritual in Minahasa

Minahasa Mystery Tour

Minahasan macho meats and sexuality?

Are we what we eat…? So, come on over to  experience very strange meat from the ancient Minahasan signature dishes heritage, still served in modern times and still regarded as macho meat,  believed  good for sexuality.  Give it a try and then you will know, baby!

Minahasan joke says,“Even Satan if were marinated in chili sauce is fit to be eaten!”

The biggest hand-crafted souvenir  in the world found in Minahasa

What the tourists called the “street of dreams” of north Sulawesi is the amazing open air display of traditional Minahasan houses being built right on the spot in the lovely village. The carpenters still construct these stylish knock-down houses out of a composition of aromatic golden magnolia wood (Michelia Champaca) and brownish sturdy iron wood (Intisia Bijuga), just like in ancient times. There are dozens of houses lining along the both sides of the street, each one different.

Minahasa Mystery Tour: Traditional Wooden House of Minahasa

Previously, to build a new house, Minahasan people need human sacrifices

The unique and the famous local handicrafts in Minahasa are the real big houses that we can buy for our family souvenir. They are ready for sale and can be transported to anywhere in the world.

Minahasa Mystery Tour: Minahasa wooden house

Minahasa Mystery Tour: Minahasa wooden house

Next we on to the biggest and most ancient Minahasan wooden house functions as a museum.

What is Minahasan ancestral woven fabrics dedicated to their deities?

They had created some woven fabrics. At the traditional Minahasan weaving gallery, we will   observe their weaving tradition. Take along some extra money as these beautiful pieces are hard to resist.

Minahasa Mystery Tour: Minahasa woven fabric Gallery Bentenan

Minahasan Museum of Arts

The Minahasa Museum of Arts has the largest collection of Minahasan handcrafted arts in all of Indonesia. They are even certified by the Guinness Book of World Records. We can see the unusual collections and interesting activities in the area.

Drugs Gallery?

This visit will even tell us the rank of Manado in drugs issues in all of Indonesia and much more. Check it out!

Traditional pottery village

We come to this lovely traditional pottery village industry not only to see the tradition being practiced but we can also experience it ourselves with them.

Minahasa Mystery Tour: Pottery workshop Pulutan

Minahasa Mystery Tour: Pottery Processing

Minahasa Mystery Tour: Pottery for sale

Magical force of inner power martial art attractions

This will show us how through a magical force giving inner powers, martial arts can be performed through “remote control”. They invited me to an initiation membership ritual and I DID it! How about you?

Refreshing on the Hill of Marriage             

The hill where paragliding championship is used to be held is overlooking a breathtaking vista of the lake and the sea and the volcanoes.

Minahasa Mystery Tour: Kaweng Hill, Paragliding

The World War II historical heritage of the seaplanes Jetty of Royal Netherlands Naval Airforce

Our outdoor BBQ lunch will be set on this historical seaplanes jetty on the lake Tondano. The other naval airbase facility includes bunker, munitions dump and utility building just across the road, hemmed in the arms of the hill.

Minahasa Mystery Tour: Dutch Seaplnes Jetty

Magical summer sunset Lake Tondano

If Pearl Harbor, Hawaii destroyed by the “kamikaze” Japanese soldiers, on Sunday December 7, 1941, later the aircraft zero hunters of Imperial Japanese Navy airborne raid devastated this  Naval Air Facility (MVK = Marinevliegkamp)  of Royal Netherlands Navy, on Friday, December 26, 1941 as a Christmas broken souvenir!

Minahasa Mystery Tour: Ex Royal Dutch Bunker Tasuka

U-shaped tunnel bunker of Royal Netherlands Navy heritage on the Lake Tondano side in Tasuka

Minahasa Mystery Tour: Ex Royal Dutch Bunker Tasuka

Two entrance doors from the bunker spacious hall go into deep inside, forming a U-shaped tunnel banker with surveillance post on the top of it.

Stop by at the most antique wooden church in Minahasan

This church was designed by Dutch Zending Rooker, build by the congregation in 1868. The church has become a cultural and historical heritage of Minahasa and still function as communities’ religious services.

And after death where do they go…?!

Then we have to go to one of the most remarkable cultural sites in North Sulawesi, the collection of stone sarcophagi, the ancient and sacred burial stones found only around Minahasa.  Since they are reusable, book one of them if your time is near !

Minahasa Mystery Tour: Waruga

A girl imitating a fetal style position of the dead in burial stone – Waruga

Minahasa Mystery Tour: Waruga

Minahasa Mystery Tour: Waruga relief

Mystery Tour: Relief of Waruga

House of the spirit of the dead

For the spirit of the dead, they carved a wooden little house as a transit station between earth and heaven.

Minahasa Mystery Tour: Minahasan house of the spirit of the dead


Bathing site of nymphs

This sacred water is believed has curative property that nymphs used to love having bath here. How one of nymphs married with a native is portrayed in the relief and choreographed in Tumetenden Dance. Lucky you, one of their children wants to marry you!

Ever seen the extracting process of virgin coconut oil (VCO) and farmers are busy producing copra?

It is a great idea to see how the extracting process of virgin coconut oil is and strove through coconut plantation where people are busy producing copra, then we will park by the waterfall with it’s refreshing green groves and cool environment.

Minahasa Mystery Tour: Kima Atas waterfall

The mystical lady is waiting for us!

Want to meet the lady? Her mystical power was imbued upon her through a dream. She even received a white dragon tattoo on her belly through supernatural forces. Through her practice people have been healed by spirits. Believe it or not, it happened!

Highlighting a historical views at Provincial museum in town

At the Museum we’ll be guided through the history of North Sulawesi. The displays are scattered amongst each floor, this surely would be a good opportunity to scout around to find something that is of interest to you. Later, we’ll be welcomed into the oldest and largest Chinese temple in town.

Minahasa Mystery Tour: Chinese tempel Manado

Join the hot gossip living in town

Let’s now enjoy some coffee at Jalan Roda. It’s a classical meeting place in town for locals. Even the  governor and  mayor have been here. Most people who come here see it more or less as a social gathering where everything in the world is discussed, mostly though concerning some deal to be made or some questional business opportunity. The locals joke about this and call it “Peoples Parliament.” People come here and stay all day (there’s a lot to be discussed!), ordering a half cup of thick black coffee with a lot of sugar, adding water little by little to make it last before returning home.  So another name for this place is “Kopi Stenga” (half coffee). Make sure your next travel is to experience the Minahasa Mystery Tour…

Minahasa Mystery Tour: Classical Hot Gossip Living, Jarod smilinglandtours

Minahasa Mystery Tour: Jarod Clasisic, Hot Gossip, Manado