All the profits of Minahasa Gods’ Wine Tour go to conservation activities

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Minahasan Gods'Wine Tour

Minahasan Sacred Plant

This is a valuable way to spend the day featuring an outdoor fun to experience the authentic, ingenious and rudimentary way of making a living in Minahasa just like in ancient times. Minahasa Gods’ Wine Tour makes a way to sample the most popular drinks of Minahasan people. Since the fresh living wine is nutritious, delicious, looks like mothers’ breast milk and has curative properties, the Minahasan gods are delight enjoying this pleasant beverage in their festivals. Then the orphan children are full of ecstasy as they know that their wine is stolen by their own gods not human!

A wonderful way sampling Minahasan gods’ wine

Come with your friends and family to join this unique and inspirational relaxing trip into pure nature to experience a wine tasting outing to see how the living wine freshly tapped high up in the tree is made.

Sampling living wine right on the spot in the jungle

Sampling living wine right on the spot in the jungle

Have some Minahasan “hot gossip” liquor drips down from bamboo distillery pipeline in the jungle!

On we go to see how the green liquor   called “Cap Tikus” (pronounced chap ticus or rat brand in English) is distilled through bamboo pipelines right in the middle of the forest.  From ancient times till the present, “Cap Tikus” is used for rituals and is still the favorite drink of the Minahasans today.

Vanilla Sky Tour: Jungle Distilery

How about enjoying organic palm sugar freshly in the jungle refinery?

To join the farmer producing organic palm sugar in the jungle or farm field you will experience the full aromatic processing till you know how good taste it is fresh from the still. Don’t miss the truly unique value of the Minahasa Gods’ Wine Tour