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Tour fee upon request as each tour will be customized to meet your interests
Tondano Caldera Minahasa Magical Nature Tour

Tondano Caldera

Minahasa Magical Nature Tour is the multiple ways to explore the magical nature of the Minahasa: Climbing up the mountains, the panoramas are dramatically breathtaking, their craters keeps being celebrity in their mysterious ways. Going down the valleys, the rivers and falls rushing like adrenaline. Trekking the jungle, the wildlife singing and playing in ecstasy. Exploring the magical lakes are sure to be memorable. And the salubrious thermal springs always welcome us with some wonderful therapy after long day of activities.

Each Minahasa Magical Nature package tour is a one-day tour but Tangkoko is recommended overnight

FIRST Minahasa Magical Nature Package TOUR

Experience a dramatic vision of the entire magical massive caldera of ancient super volcano

Soon our hormones of happiness will bubble over when reaching the magnificent hot spot on Mt. Mahawu volcano crater edge, where we can get a dramatic view of the dynamic landscape of ancient massive super-volcano caldera – the heart of the Smiling Land; and of course the amazing aura of the wide-open active volcano crater right before our eyes.  But how to get an extra wow climbing this volcano?

Vanilla Sky Tour

The volcano is capped by 180 m wide and 140 m deep active crater; last confirmed gentle eruption 1977 Nov 16

Don’t miss the sun rises with the magical welcome to the day!

Make sure we have got on the top before dawn! On the way up to and from the base, we’ll be gently rolling through a breathtaking panorama of agricultural landscapes of hills and valleys, where farmers still love planting the beautiful bedding system in a traditional way. Then a comfortable hiking will lead us to the top crater of Mahawu volcano to see the sun rises with a magical welcome to the day. Following this is a “natural adoration ritual” hiking around the crater, taking in the amazing views.   OK, have some coffee now! Cheers!

Vanilla Sky Tour

Vanilla Sky Tour

Get a feel of the majestic view of the grand guitar Lake Tondano

On another magical spot on the Makawembeng hilltop, our soul will feel a majestic view of grand guitar lake with a circuitshaped road going around it.

Vanilla Sky Tour: Lake Tondano

In the middle of this sentimental Lake Tondano, on uninhabited Likri Island, we’ll enjoy our outdoor succulent BBQ lunch. Don’t miss it…!

Vanilla Sky Tour

Sentimental Lake Tondano Fun Trip

Then she cried, saying, “This is so beautiful….” But at first I thought she was scary being in a little traditional canoe in the middle of the lake. The day was calm, the breeze blew, then the sky of blue reflection dancing on the grand guitar-shaped lake. That’s the trip canoeing with an Aussie girl, in the middle of this Sentimental Lake Tondano. It does inspire me to include this for our tour.

Vanilla Sky Tour

We had better stay in traditional house on the lake or go camping on the uninhabited island in the middle of the lake

Experience the indigenous traditional ways of living on the water and all the idyllic beauty of the lake. Join the fisherman in the day or at night. Practice a traditional way of catching niké fish (good for libido!) famous and unique to this area. Let us angling, barbecuing, swimming, and canoeing gliding over the lake, visit the natives raising fish for a living, helping them feed their fishes and enjoy their frenzied eating. Visit the historical heritage of world war II, the Naval air force facilities includes seaplanes jetty, bunker, munitions dump and utility building of the Royal Netherlands Navy, built on the other side of the lake. After the water adventures, warm our body up in python hot springs.

Vanilla Sky Tour: Likri Island, Lake Tondano

If we go camping or overnight together in the nice spacious gazebo on the uninhabited Likri Island, we have a Campfire Dinner, with the magical night lights view fringed the lake surrounds us, is sure will taste heaven – forget  candlelight dinner! When the sunrise radiates us some energy for the day adventure, again another perspective of morning living on the lake is inspiring.

A fun trip riding a traditional horse cart around the lake is another alternative

We’ll be going through the circuit-shaped road connects about 100 traditional villages where Minahasan people with their pleasant nature and famous hospitality live. We can stop by to see wonderful tourism objects around the lake. In other words, any way we choose to explore the lake has its own unforgettable memory of a lifetime!

Vanilla Sky Tour

The Bendi is a common form of public transportation in the city of Tomohon, Indonesia. It’s usually used for traveling short distances within the city, by Daniel Peckham

SECOND Minahasa Magical Nature Package TOUR

Ever been to the ever-plume double crater of twin volcano in the world?

If tomorrow comes, get ready for a thrilling adventure to the Tompaluan double crater saddled between the twin volcano. The frozen lava trail leads us to the joint crater of the twin Lokon Empung volcanoes will make us WOW! Invite friends and family, from grandma to grandchildren can enjoy climbing this magnificent volcano. The entire climbing up, and climbing down always be an amazing experience.

At the fancy restaurant, chef has prepared our delight lunch, facing the beauty of the backdrop of this twin volcano that once was believed as a gateway between heaven and earth. Alas, the gate is now only open during erupting…!

 Vanilla Sky Tour Trekking twin volkcano lokon-empung

Vanilla Sky Tour

Transit to Buddhist Pagoda Ekayana

Its differential makes it visually attractive among the likeness. This is the only one in dominated Christian churches in Tomohon, the city of flowers. The nine stories octagonal pagoda, number of sculptures, exotic creature-caved building and the temple blended naturally with meticulous garden in the silence create a pure land aura to the space.  Namo Amitabha …

Vanilla Sky Tour

Refreshing at the cascading waterfall first soaking into the hot spring later

Now, we have a great comfortable walk through lush greenery that take us to the lofty cascading waterfall, the nicest and the closest to the city of Tomohon for stretching and cooling down after climbing. Upon arrival on the parking lot, the gush of the water welcomes us to the base of the fall. Let us now feel a peaceful lullaby of the waterfall’s song. But don’t sleep! Following this, we will enjoy soaking in hot spring. The Nature’s way will treat our aching muscles.

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THIRD Minahasa Magical Nature Package TOUR

Rush the Adrenaline with wild and wet whitewater rafting adventure! Later, have a natural therapeutic swimming spa in a pure green hot geyser lake

Passing through a beautiful landscape, the road leads to the rafting site overlooking 2 cascading waterfalls which gush to Nimanga river, the rafting site. Then rush our adrenaline with a wild and wet whitewater rafting adventure! We might see monkeys laughing at us, grimacing wildly as we rafting down the river.

Minahasa Magical Nature Tour - SMILING LAND TOURS

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Intriguing hot springs and mud volcanoes

Experiencing a hot spring in Minahasa is awe-inspiring: there is a beautiful circular basin, filled with bluish bubbling clear water near boiling point, emitting clouds of steam, so uniform and smoothly curved, reflecting a natural work of art. Where a clear geyser pool irregularly spurts a column of hot water into the air is boiling. Mud volcanoes inbetween emit jets of steam to form little craters of real miniature volcanoes where we can enjoy playing with their bubbles, uh be careful, or your finger might turn into sausage! Boil some sweet corn, eggs or peanuts in them if we are hungry. People use the mud for a facial mask or a skin refreshing scrub.

Vanilla Sky Tour

Now! Enjoy a natural therapeutic swimming spa in a pure natural hot geyser lake

Our life feels reborn again by having a natural therapeutic swimming spa in a pure green hot geyser lake in a soothing idyllic ambience under swaying coconut trees right next to paddy rice fields.

Vanilla Sky Tour

Vanilla Sky Tour

FOURTH Minahasa Magical Nature Package TOUR

Lake Tampusu Conservation needs helping hands

This is a triple lake tour. Climbing up to the Highest altitude in the middle of the Tondano Caldera we’ll find the Tampusu volcano shaped like a heart right in the heart of Minahasa. So the mountain is named Tampusu (looks like heart). There the Lake Tampusu tucked away in the crater make it an ideal place to get away. The trek leads to Lake Tampusu cool caldera on the top of Tampusu dormant volcano 1206 m, is a refreshing mountaineering through luxuriant rain forest just 25 minutes from the base. Overlooking a picturesque circular lake with the volcano embossed region from the crater rim and lounge on lakeshore, enjoying a barbecue lunch – “this is paradise,” said Dutch visitor. We can go camping on the lakeshore under canopy trees and angling for leisure here in the beauty of the quite world.

Lake Tampusu Conservation Tour for a cause

Lake Tampusu

We plan to restore the initial natural condition of the lake to make it more smiling land, abundant of fishes, birds and other wildlife friendly to farm field.

The more you spend your holiday with us the more fund we get to rehab our lovely Lake Tampusu. But your coming gives much more powerful impact to the people to make them understand the great value to protect their environment and especially to open up our government mind to STOP DRAINING THIS BEAUTIFUL LAKE FOR COWS FARM!!!

HELP ME…! I am the only one who FIGHTS for this where no body cares.

So please come, and visit this beautiful lake. Your coming is meaningful!

Lake Pangolombian

Then we climb down to Lake Pangolombian nearby where villagers raising fishes on the lake.

Visit the geothermal produces certified organic palm sugar

This is a zero-waste green factory in the world that uses geothermal to produce certified organic palm sugar.

Magical ever-changing colors of Lake Linow

Later, while having some coffee, we can enjoy a magical display of Lake Linow that intensely changing colors. The volcanic activities (with thermophilic bacteria?) that make Lake Linow glow in ever-changing colors. Since the lake is sulfuric, the color is mostly a multilayered hue of green and turquoise. When the day is calm and the sky of blue, dappled with white clouds in the horizon, then it will glow in magical colors. If we come at the right moment and have the right perspective, we will experience all its beauty. Fumaroles and boiling spring mud is found around the lake.

Magical Linow Lake - Minahasa Magical Nature Tour

FIFTH Minahasa Magical Nature Package TOUR

Fun Trekking Tangkoko Nature Reserve (Overnight)

Another wonder in Minahasa Smiling Land is fun trekking to Tangkoko Nature Reserve. It is worth every minute in this National Park, made up of rolling hills, valleys, and three volcanoes, located right next to a beautiful black sandy beach and there’s plenty of time to have a swim in Vitamin Sea!

Black sandy beach Tangkoko

It is home to the tarsiers, the world’s smallest primate, as well as to the celebrated black crested cheeky monkey indigenous to North Sulawesi. Red-Knobbed Hornbills, couscous and many varieties of birds, lizards and fauna are found only here. Enjoy how they behave. To go on a guided trek through the jungle of the world-famous thousands hectares National Park with its majestic trees is a once in a lifetime experience!


Smiling baby tarsier and mother by Rhett A Butler




Let’s dancing cha cha cha


Let’s happy together!


With L-O-V-E

The refreshing waterfall

No time to lose! On the way to Tangkoko, we will transit to the refreshing atmosphere of the Tunan waterfall, just an easy walking in on paved sidewalk from the parking lot in 15 minutes through the pleasant forest. The eco echoing the waterfall tune, having coffee with fresh banana fritters is a wonderful ME time. Enjoy!

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Sampling the famous smoked fish of North Sulawesi

Again, we have an opportunity to sample “Cakalang Fufu” (smoked tuna), famous in North Sulawesi, fresh from the smoked house, on the way to or from Tangkoko. “Eat first, talk later…!” said happy face people,  “but don’t forget to pay…!” Get the magical nature adventure with Minahasa Magical Nature Tour

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