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Depicting Minahasan Ancestral Mythology

Smiling Land Tours Mission

Since my concern over the Lake Tampusu, located on the top of Tampusu Volcano where I live on its foot, has been draining for 30 years by government just for cows farm, some water sources around the mountain are now disappeared, and my intention to revive our real culture, then founded the Smiling Land Tours with mission to raise fund with fun in tourism for conservation interests.

Smiling Land Tours believes in providing authentic, informative and inspirational tours with anthropological focus where travelers can experience the sweet blend of the exotic taste of local culture with mystical power, magical nature and unique wildlife while creating a positive impact in both culture and nature conservation in North Sulawesi – the smiling land.

Be a blessing traveler

No matter what type of traveler you are, let your holiday becomes a blessing to the local community. The way of travel for a cause is the answer. It touches all levels of soul, body and spirit while providing true cultural immersion, sweet destinations and contributing to greater good, creating a positive impact with the Smiling Land Tours.

Smiling Land Tours for a cause initiates travelers into Tree Adoption Program and into Minahasan Warrior Dance membership to support Smiling Land Movement  in our wonderful conservation site  and to support our cultural revival. So with Smiling Land Tours you will be welcome just like brother and sister who come home not as a tourist without home passing by.

Promote sleeping helping people’s living

It would be more valuable way to stay in the community homestay prepared for travelers to experience real taste of country living; in that way travelers become blessing to the poor because your money is helping them directly; to improve their income, their family healthcare, their children education and their daily living. So we still can help people even we are sleeping! Smiling Land Tours makes it happened!

 Smiling Land Tours gives back

As Smiling Land Tours willfully donates the profits back to building Smiling Land Conservancy and Community Empowerment Center, so the money you spend for your holiday with Smiling Land Tours not only activates the cultural revival, environmental conservation, and supports some training and learning activities for community but also generates creative business for the local community.

Pay less travel more

Smiling Land Tours caters to budget travelers to pay less travel more; homestay is free of charge and tour fees upon request, as each tour will be customized to meet your interests. We prefer small group, 2 – 6 participants. Accordingly, your whole travel experience is sure to be meaningful and memorable.

Smiling Land Tours tailors custom tours with anthropological focus in all over Indonesia that let your heart DIVE into the ocean of the archipelagic culture and magical nature.

 So come on over and try out the Smiling Land Tours!

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I have been curious for years about how it could be to meet an authentic Indonesian spiritual healer. Not only to learn more about  his method of treating people using traditional medicine, but also to maybe experience the  mystery of white magic at first  hand as a nurse and an avid of Indonesian fan.

Many times I have asked travel agents about this mystery but they had no idea about it. Yet, Rocky Lasut (the founder of Smiling Land Tours) knew exactly where to take me.

What an unexpected treat to go to the mystery stSmiling Land Tours give backone in Watu Pinawetengan and be among the villagers to stand in line for an audience with the Minahasan Tona’as. Even though he was in a trance, he was conscious and could talk and heal using a combination of hands and deep-throated chants and herbs.

I was at first totally terrified when I met him, having visions of him putting a spell on me or maybe sending me off to Never-Never Land on a one-way ticket or some such “hocus pocus”. But the minute he held my wrist to feel my pulse, I knew he meant well.

It was scary, surreal, exciting and haunting all at the same time. Just the fact that I was really talking to a spirit through this man was mind-blowing.

An experience I will never forget!!!  ∼ Sandy

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Smiling Land Tours - Rocky Lasut

My ancestor, Dotu Lolong Lasut, is known as a founder of Manado where his monument is in the heart of the city, the capital of North Sulawesi. Being an artist, born and grown up as a real Minahasan, major in philosophy, love anthropology and psychology, so at least your host knows where to touch right to the heart of Minahasan culture soulfully to satisfy your curiosity.


initiates unique and exotic tours with an anthropological focus in North Sulawesi – the Smiling Land

Minahasan Warrior Dancer

Minahasa Mystery Tour

Get the unforgettable experience of Minahasan culture! The Minahasan people’s customs and beliefs in mystical power enables them to become either invisible or visible in different places at the same time. Their ancient wild and exciting rituals and frenzied warrior dances contrasts with their pleasant nature and warm hospitality. Every day they are confronted with the possibility of the magical caldera of an ancient super-volcano erupting at any time! Mythically they are born of stone; culturally they are buried in stone! ILLUSTRATED ITINERARY…

Lake Tampusu

Aerial view of the Lake & the Mt. Tampusu at sunset by Armando Loho

Lake Tampusu Conservation Needs Helping Hands

Joining with Smiling Land Tours means contributing to the conservation of the Lake Tampusu; and the tour to the Lake Tampusu is touring to the heart of Minahasa, and your vacation  in Manado is not complete without visiting the heart of Minahasa.

Climbing up to the highest altitude in the middle of the Tondano Caldera we’ll find the Tampusu volcano shaped like a heart right in the heart of Minahasa. So the mountain is named Tampusu (looks like heart). There the Lake Tampusu is peacefully embraced by the crater makes it an ideal place for anyone who loves natural romance.

Experience the magical feeling from the high crater rim overlooking a circular Lake Tampusu, forming a grandeur amphitheatrical landscape, with the Soputan volcano in the background, then lounge on the shore of Lake Tampusu, enjoying a barbecue lunch! We can go camping on the shore of Lake Tampusu under canopy trees and angling for leisure here in the beauty of the quite world.

The trail leads to Lake Tampusu cool caldera on the top of Tampusu dormant volcano 1206 m, is a refreshing mountaineering through luxuriant rain forest just 25 minutes from the base. ILLUSTRATED ITINERARY…

The fall Lake Lokon

Photomerge of Tumimperas Waterfall, Sentimental Lake Tondano and Lokon Volcano

Minahasa Magical Nature Tour

Exploring the magical Minahasan landscape of peaks and valleys, volcanoes and hot springs, magnificent lakes, cascading waterfalls, white water rafting, and luxuriant green forest with abundant wildlife unique to this area, are sure to be unforgettable experiences! And having a natural therapeutic swimming spa in a pure green hot geyser lake is a wonderful treatment of the Minahasa Magical Nature Tour. ILLUSTRATED INTINERARY…